Be Great,

Great Futures are only possible through your support. 

Large or Small

every donation aids in improving the lives and futures of these kids.

Be a stepping stone for a

child to excel. 

This is how you've

helped in 1 year

Think what you could help us

accomplish next!

25 |  Teens visited 6 different college campuses and 100% of our seniors                   graduated from high school 

60 | Kids participated in a 16 week STEM program with CSUF partnership 

65% | Of total membership qualified for free or reduced lunch at school 

278 | Kids served, every day between our 4 sites

285 | Youth took part in Community Service Projects

2,196 | Total kids and teens served for free

72,380 | Healthy snacks and meals served for free last year

100,000+ | Hours spent in Power Hour, our homework help program

Thank you for your generosity !

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