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Our clinic provides a safe and fun environment for kids to build their basketball skills and work on the fundamentals of basketball.
Session 1:
1st-3rd Grade: February 25th-March 18th 
4th-6th Grade: February 26th-March 19th
Session 2:
1st-3rd Grade: April 1st-April 22nd 
4th-6th Grade: April 2nd-April 23rd
Cooking PNG.png
Cooking with Kids gives a foundation on how to cook safely. Each chef gets to try their delicious recipe at the end of every class!
Session 1:
1st-3rd Grade: February 23rd-March 16th 
4th-6th Grade: February 24th-March 17th
Session 2:
1st-3rd Grade: March 30th-April 20th
4th-6th Grade: March 31st-April 21st

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